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No more chocolates in market by 2040

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Hold it in your fingers and it sends “I Love You” signals to your heart; Keep it on your lips and your nerves will get electrified; Touch it with your tongue and the sensation is heaven; Taste it with your taste buds and “Mmmmmmm” will come out of your mouth. The road it takes when it melts does not go to your stomach but straight to your heart giving food orgasms. Yes, this is what a “Chocolate” does to you.

2 years old to 80 years old all are the fans of this bliss known as chocolates. Ever craved to walk down the alleys of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and taking a dip in the river of liquid chocolate? Ever imagined how the world would look with chocolate’s milky and mahogany colours, creamy and crunchy textures? If it’s a yes then surely you are a “chocolate lover”. The sweetness, the bitterness, sometimes a crunch and always a hard-to-let-go aftertaste is what chocolate gives you. Your love and the meaning of your life are wrapped up in those shimmery, creative and amazing-to-touch wrappers. The delight of devouring the greatest discovery made by man is happiness unparalleled.

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Now, imagine if the same discovery is going to leave you forever? Yes, you read it right. What if chocolate disappears? Even to digest this written sentence is difficult, how can anyone in this whole wide vast world let the fact sink that “Chocolate” will disappear shortly.

2018 is kicking in with full zoom leaving the sweet and sour mixed with a tinge of bitter memories of 2017 as the chocolate leaves its mark and taste on your tongue after relishing it. But, along with that the horrifying news of “Chocolate being disappeared by 2040” is scary. The cause is none other than we the humans. The temperature change and global warming are affecting the growth of the main ingredient of our beloved chocolate; that is “Cocoa”. These cute little plants of Cocoa which give their beautiful seeds to help us taste heaven on earth are basically grown in and around the equator, say 20 degrees up and down. These are planted in the vicinity’s rainforest strip for healthy growth. Now due to the fluctuation in the temperature, which is again our gift to nature, is hampering the cocoa’s growth. Now if this continues for a long while, then it’s time to stack a decade worth chocolate!

Breathe! Please don’t have a panic attack, as the brainy humans are sweating out to come up with a rescue mission of “Chocolate”. The rising temperatures being the villain here, cacao growers will have to move their crops to the higher grounds where the temperature is a little cooler. But again, the higher grounds being reserved for the wildlife, this option almost looks like a dead end. The other option is to start growing plants that thrive in the changing environment. And that’s where the scientists come in action. Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley are working to develop a cacao plant that’s able to withstand warmer and drier weather.

Life without chocolate would be so saddening. Nothing to give for birthdays, nothing to quench the sweet urges, nothing to soothe the hurt heart, nothing to rely your bets on and worst of all, NOTHING TO LIVE FOR (in case of Chocolate Lovers). It would be such a disaster. As the scientists are working their brains out to save our “eternal love” let us all do our bit by not contributing to Global Warming. Hopefully at least to save the love of our lives the whole world would come together.