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How to Increase online food orders during the Covid-19

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The social distancing has been implemented since March Due to COVID-19. This is of course because a significant decline in productivity of so many industry specially in Tourism and Hospitality. When there is no dining in there were many outlets have been temporarily closed some permanently closed, some opened with limited hours due to restrictions to control the spread of the coronavirus. Does that mean there is no way for restaurants to survive in this crisis?

We recognise and identified in this uncertain situation, online orders can create unexcepted challenges for restaurants and cafes. That's where the we Ozfoodhunter are there for you to provide a fantastic friendly online order portal to increase restaurant orders and support during this time, and we have created this with an extremely user friendly APP (Ozfoodhunter App).

So, what can you do to sustain during these times of chaos? The key to overcome Sign up with (Ozfoodhunter) great Large Customer base App.

Keep your restaurant top of others and offer something unusual to attract customers and get their attention on your business to increase your restaurant sales. Whether in good or bad time, if you’re not sure your audience, we are here to find a right and suitable customer for your business.

Take a time to simplify your menu. Our Research shows that customers prefer a simple single menu rather than having multiple menus depending on the time of the day. Confused about simplifying the menu OZ FOOD HUNTER menu expert will be assist you. This will Also take you to analyse your competitor to overcome 4p Pricing, product, place and promotions. The more time a person spends on menu high chances of walk away.

Promote Online Ordering Capabilities

Use Oz food hunter to promoting the restaurant with ZERO COST, our promotions include detailed information order link on how to order food online from Ozfoodhunter. Nowadays, consumers are preferring online interface for fast and easy services. Our online ordering services are convenient. Through online ordering, customers can immediately see distance of the restaurant, Estimated Pickup and Estimated Delivery time and price. (This red colour content is in our cart page)

OZfoodhunter is one of the fastest and user friendly service provider, now offering services such as, search engine optimisation, free website creation, Reasonable Facebook Postings, Reasonable Instagram Postings and keyword analysis for your restaurant On and off pages. Online promotions and classified ads, local listings is our other part of the speciality. To sign up with Ozfoodhunter click here.

Build Up Social Media Presence:

Social Media

During crisis , social media is flooded with anxiety and fear about the COVID-19. At the end, building up your social media presence, you can use our platform to offer specials and updates on your business for users to see. It is a great opportunity to promote your restaurant Business and make sure that your online ordering options are prominently displayed.

Are you sick of paying to social media and Search engines experts. Approach to Ozfoodhunter now. We can help you to build and maintain your social media presence to a greater level, for more details please contact us us

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