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How to eat Indian food the traditional way

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Before we dive into the?traditional way to eat Indian food, it is important to know what eating food is meant to be. Eating is supposed to be a sensual experience and it is said to arouse emotion and passion (in a good way).

That is the reason we eat many times when we are alone or when we are bored or sometimes even when we are not hungry, we always have the nagging feeling for something to eat. We always want something to eat.

Eating food with your bare hands (clean of course) has many health benefits. Those traditions of the western world are nice to look at but they are backward. This applies to not only Indian food but any other food in general. (That is the reason Bottom of the heart in Ballarat even in most of the Indian Restaurants only provide fork and knife or a spoon only when the customer asks for it) Physiologically, the nerve endings on our fingertips are known to stimulate digestion. Feeling your food becomes a way of signaling the stomach that you are about to eat. You become more conscious of the taste, textures, and aromas.

It's a well-known fact that the natural process of digestion starts with the digestive juices flowing before we put the food in our mouths. This was revealed long ago by?Pavlov's experiments. Now, Let's dive into the?traditional way to eat Indian food There is a vast difference in the manner and habits of eating between North and South Indian food and so the eating techniques differ.

Nevertheless few rules apply for both.

Eating Naan bread and curry:

Naan and curry

As far as eating naan bread with the curry is concerned, people traditionally do wrap the food in the bread and make a small cone and fill it with a little curry.

The idea is to not have the strong taste of the curry and spices on your tongue with the bread.

Such an arrangement would be complicated if the?naans?are buttery or if the meet pieces are too large. But with practice, it will be more of a traditional experience. This is mostly followed in North Indian food.

For rice and curry

rice and curry

It has been rightly pointed out, you make a small valley inside the rice and fill it with a little curry, then proceed with mixing the rice and curry, by putting the rice in the curry.? People usually always ate rice with their hands, rolling rice into a kind of a ball and popping it in. this is mostly followed in South Indian food.

And there is the biryani (can be vegetarian but mostly it is made with meat) a rice dish, which is to be eaten as it is or can be mixed with yogurt or curry. But the eating manner is to be eaten just like rice and curry.?

But nowadays most people even in India use spoons to eat rice and curry. But if you are intending to follow the traditional way, we suggest using your hands. Yes, it is messy but can be an enjoyable experience.

These are the main food items that have a traditional method to eat that are followed in every Indian family or at least the families which still follow the traditional ways.?

But still, there are more complex Indian meals that have 3-4 courses. Such as a vegetable or meat that are cooked dry to be eaten as a side dish (not starters but to be eaten as you eat the main dish)

Every side dishes can be ate mixed with the rice or can be used instead of curry with roti or can be just eaten as it is like we eat chili (Mexican dish).

indian dishes

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