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Food Hunting Easter with Healthy Habit

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Easter is the celebration of religious. We all believe that Jesus coming back to life and ascending to heaven. Across the world, it is celebrated with great pomp and happiness. An Easter egg hunt is a common practice during this occasion, which is Easter eggs are hidden outdoors, and children run around and find them. It is a best way for the children always remember Christ and during the Sacrament. The child who can collect the most number of eggs wins.

In Australia, Easter is a special and little different to the rest of the world… because they are not associated only with religion and also passionate with healthy food habit. The Easter Sunday is well known celebration and great opportunity for the family to gather around. These celebrations, cook themselves such as, roast chicken, beef, sweets, thick gravies and sauces. Hot cross buns and various cakes are other important features of Easter cuisine.

Make a special celebration on this Easter:

Start this Easter a honest transformation of your healthy eating habits. The combination of Asian, Latin American, Italian and south east Asian balanced food and complete your tremendous Breakfast or Brunch. It will bring you lots of nutrients and especially fiber.


In other word of Easter is called delicacies, because of its array of chocolates, eggs, and other eating temptations. Should we give a try? Yes but in moderation. In full celebration mode we cannot distinguish between real healthy habit or simple craving for short term. As for chocolate, keep these as dessert at the end of the meal.

Easter meal so special imagery meal of eating lamb with roasted chicken and some other meat foods followed over Easter fits. This year choose your choice of Brunch and Dinner, we've composed four menus for celebrating - depending on your protein preferences to your families take the opportunity to head outdoors for a trial to eat healthier Easter treat recipes.

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