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5 Brodie Spark Dr, Wolli Creek 2205
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Meal Box

5 in 1 Meal Box 1x Rice, 1x Main, 1x Veggie, 1x Salad, 1x Soup
ADD $14.00


Canh Khoai Tay GF (v) Potato soup with carrot and savoury veg stock
ADD $3.00
Canh cai nau thit GF Choy sum with minced pork
ADD $3.00
Canh chua thit bo dua chua GF Sweet and sour soup with beef fillet
ADD $3.00
Canh bau nau tom kho GF Viet melon soup with sun dried mini prawns
ADD $3.00

Rice Pepper Roll

Satay Chicken w / avacado
ADD $6.00
Grilled Lemongrass beef
ADD $6.00
Tofu and mushrom (V)
ADD $6.00
Chiili prawn w/young papaya
ADD $7.00
Roasted duck w/fresh cucumber
ADD $7.00

Rice Vermicelli

Bun cha (bun thit nurong) GF Grilled Lemongrass pork with rice vermicelli &salad.
ADD $13.00
Bun cha La Vong GF La Vong Grilled Ling Fish served with rice vermicelli, salad & shrimp paste
ADD $13.00
Bun dau mam tom Boiled pork and crispy bean curd served with vermicelli and salad.
ADD $13.00
Bun bo la lat GF Traditional style beef betel leaf served with rice vermicelli & salad
ADD $13.00
Bun bo xao Stir fried beef with cermicelli &salad,topped with peanut &fried shallot
ADD $13.00
Bun ga nurong GF Grilled with vermicelli &salad
ADD $13.00


Homemade Spring Rolls
ADD $7.50
Vegetarian Spring Rolls
ADD $6.00
Papaya salad w/beef jerky GF
ADD $10.00
Nem chua ran Vietnamese deep fried pork sausage
ADD $8.00
Nem Authentic Northern Vietnamese spring rolls.
ADD $5.50

Sticky Rice

Xoi thap cam Traditional steam sticky rice with chicken, pate egg & viet pork sausage
ADD $13.00
Xoi thit kho GF Steam sticky rice with stewed pork belly with egg
ADD $13.00
Xoi ga Grilled chicken sticky rice with sweet ginger sauce
ADD $12.00
Xoi Khuc Vietanamese sticky rice ball.
ADD $12.00


Pho tai lan GF True traditonal Northern style beef noodle soup with stir fried beef.
ADD $12.00
Pho tai GF Beef noodle soup with rare beef and cooked beef.
ADD $12.00
Pho dac biet GF Combination beef noodle soup with beef meatballs.
ADD $15.00
Bun oc True traditional Northern shell rice noodle soup.
ADD $13.00

Pho's Sides

Trung ga tran Eggs in beef soup
ADD $5.00
Vhen thit Additional meat in beef soup
ADD $5.00
Chen bo vien Beef meatballs in beef soup.
ADD $5.00

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