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Saigon Maggie
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Traditional Pork Springroll/Chicken Springroll (5 Rolls) t is an Asian Wheat Pastry filled with marinated minced pork or minced chicken and veggies; is served with a side of lettuce, herbs, vermicelli and Home Made Dipping Sauce.
Chicken $9.90 Add Traditional Pork $9.90 Add
Vegetarian Springroll It is an Asian Wheat Pastry filled with veggies; is served with a side of lettuce, herbs, vermicelli and Home Made Dipping Sauce.
$10.50 Add
Potato Prawn-(5 Pieces) Deep fried shredded potato roll over the prawn; served with a side of salad and home made dipping sauce.
$9.50 Add
Nem Nuong/ BBQ Pork (2-Skewers) A popular street food in Saigon. It is a Vietnamese grilled pork meat ball served with special homemade dipping sauce called "T??ng Nem N??ng", vermicelli, herbs, mixed salad.
$9.50 Add
Traditional Vietamines Chicken Salad - The Taste Of Ca Mau Thinly shredded cabbage, with herbs, peanut, home made dressing sauce and a choice of meats: Chicken/Prawn/Tofu
$10.90 Add
Tomyum Soup With Beef/Chicken/Veggies Or Prawn sweet and sour soup, traditional flavour with tomato, mushroom and herbs.
$8.90 Add
Wonton Soup A tasty slow cooked broth with a beautiful wonton. Make your day.
$8.90 Add
Prawn Spring Roll- 6 Rolls Wheat pastry filled with a marinated prawn paste; are served with side of lettuce, herbs, vermicelli and home made dipping sauce.
$12.90 Add
Pork & Prawn/Prawn/Chicken Avocado/Tofu- 2 Rolls It is a traditional fresh rice-paper rolls filled with steamed prawn/chicken/pork with mix salad, herbs, rice vermicelli and a home made dipping sauces.
$7.90 Add
Sugarcane Prawn-( 4 Pieces) Sugarcane sticks coated with prawn paste; are served with mixed salad, herbs, vermicelli and homemade dipping sauce
$9.50 Add
Satay On Skewer A choice of marinated Chicken/Beef/Prawn or Tofu(V) on skewers served with a delicious homemade satay sauce and a side of mixed salad.
$9.00 Add
Banh Cuon Tom- Prawn Steam Rice Crepe (2 Crepes) It is a steam rice crepe filled with prawn and served with homemade soy sauce and mix salad.
$9.00 Add
Chicken Corn Soup An eight hours slow cooked broth together with a smooth and creamy corn to produce a beautiful chicken corn soup.
$8.90 Add
Bo La Lot Bò n??ng lá l?t is a dish consisting of Vietnamese beef in la lot leaves, which are called "betel" leaves by some English magazines. It very tasty and very famous in South of Vietnam.
$10.00 Add
Fried Wonton-5 Pieces Wonton skin filled with marinated minced pork and a side of salad; served with home made tomato dipping sauce
$8.50 Add

Stir-Fried Dishes

Stir-Fried Satay Sauce With Veggies And Meat It is a main dish, stir-fried asian green with a choice of meat and a super delicious homemade satay sauce.
$17.90 Add
Stir-Fried Lemongrass Sauce Mixed Asian Greens, a choice of meat,lemongrass and fresh cut chilli.
$17.90 Add
Homemade Chilli Sauce And Thai Basil Stir-Fried It is a mixed Asian veggies and the fresh Thai Basil leaves; stir-fried with our a homemade traditional chilli sauce to make a super delicious dish.
$19.90 Add
Honey Chicken Fried Chicken coated with honey sauce and a base of crispy noodle, top up with roasted cashew nut and sesame
$19.90 Add
Crisppy Or Soft Egg Noodle With Stir-Fried Asian Green And a Choice Of Meat Stir-fried asian greens and a choice of meat in a light sauce with Crispy egg-noodle or Soft egg-noodle
$18.90 Add
Pineapple Or Hawwaiian Fried Rice Mixed seafood, a bit of chilli sauce and pineapple.
$13.90 Add
Stir-Fried Ginger It is a stir-fried Mixed Asian Green and a choice of meat with shredded ginger to make a beautiful flavour. Only at Saigon Maggie.
$17.90 Add
Garlic Aand Oyster Sauce Stir-fried mixed Asian Veggies and a choice of meat
$17.90 Add
Salt And Fresh Cut Chilli Calamari/Prawn/Tofu (V)
$19.90 Add
Steam Rice Extra steam rice to make your fully meal.
$3.00 Add
Special Fried Rice with pork, prawn, eggs and mix veggies
$12.90 Add
Green Jade Fried Rice (V) Why it is special? We made the green colour 100% from fresh veggies (Not a chemical colour) with tofu, egg and mix asian greens.
$13.90 Add

Traditional Main Dishes

Pho- Traditional Vietaminse Rice Noodle You can judge how good a Pho soup is by how much concentrated flavour is packed into the broth while still retaining a clean, light, unclouded broth. It is served with your choice of meats and noodles. Add a squeeze of lemon, fresh herbs and condiments to perfect the taste. Simple, healthy but still as wonderful and authentic as it can be.
$13.90 Add
Saigon Maggie Noodles Grilled lemongrass infused chicken, pork or beef and rice vermicelli with crispy spring rolls, herbs, cucumber and lettuce. Then Sprinkled with peanuts and served with side of homemade dressing sauce. Sit back and let these flavours to take you straight to the Mekong Delta.
$13.90 Add
Rice Dishes Grilled meat on skewer; served with mix salad and side of homemade Nuoc Mam
$13.90 Add


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