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Snacks and Appetizers

Fuchka / Spiced Watery Bread Deep fried pastry stuff with spicy mix peas and served with tamarind sauce.
ADD 7 Pieces $8.00
Chotpoti / Chick Peas in Tarmaring Popular Bangladeshi street food, spicy chickpeas and potato mix along with egg & tamarind sauce.
ADD $8.50
Halim Mix of lentils and aromatic grain is cooked with mutton and our secret spices.
ADD $12.00
Daal Puri Once a big favourite of all Bengalis, the deep fried bread is stuffed with a seasoned filling of lentil.
ADD 3 Pieces $7.00
ADD $7.00

Rizq's Home Cooked Curries (Meat)

Mogoj Bhuna/Lamb Brain Curry Lamb brain pieces are cooked with aromatic spices till becomes smooth creamy texture and served with paratha
ADD $12.50
Mejbaan Mangsho (Spicy Beef Curry) This is the most popular beef curry from south eastern (Chittagong) of Bangladesh. Beef pieces are cooked slowly till getting tender with special spice and mustard oil
ADD $14.50
Kala Bhuna (Dark Beef Curry) Beef shoulder pieces are cooked with traditional spices till become dark and tender
ADD $14.00
Daal Gosht Lamb shoulder pieces are cooked with traditional spices with lentils till become tender
ADD $15.50
Traditional Curry
ADD $14.00

Rizq's Home Cooked Curries (Fish)

Fish Curry of the Day (Ask Staff) Local seasonal boneless Fish cooked with our traditional secret spice and served with Plain Rice and Dal.
ADD $15.50
Deshi Fish Curry of the Day (Ask staff) Country favourite Traditional Fish curry served with Plain Rice and Dal.
ADD $16.00
Prawn Do Piaza Aromatic prawn curry finished with traditional sauce and served with Pulao/Pilaf Rice.
ADD $15.50
Hilsa Fish Curry (Weekly Special-ask staff) Hilsha is Bangladeshi national fish, cooked in traditional sauce and served with Plain Rice & Dal.
ADD $16.00
Only Fish Curry
ADD $15.00

Vegetarian Curries

Bhorta Platter/Set Menu of Mustard Mash Veggies Bhortas are the simplest and the ultimate comfort food of Bangladesh. Veggies mashed with mustard oil, onions, coriander & red chilies.
ADD $15.00
Mix Vegetable Set Menu Seasonal Mix Vegetable + Plain Rice/ Two Parata
ADD $13.50
Shobji - Daal Platter Vegetable & Dal + Plain Rice/ Two Parata
ADD $14.50
Chef's Special Mix vegetables
ADD $7.00

Chef's Special

Hash Bhuna/Duck Curry Duck meat with bone cooked in slow process with traditional secret spices.
ADD $14.50
St. Martin Style Crab Curry Very special crab curry served with pilaf rice and spicy poached egg. One of the popular dishes from St. Martin, most beautiful coral island in Bangladesh.
ADD $20.00
Mutton Leg Roast / Memshahebi Style Mutton Leg Braised mutton leg served with two paratha .Royal ladies occasionally cooked this dish for their special guest.
ADD $20.00

Rice/ Biryani Dishes

Bhuna Khichuri Spicy aromatic rice, cooked with moug daal (lentil) in Bangladeshi traditional way. Try it and it will remind you the Rainy season (Borsha)
ADD $16.00
Katchi Biriyani / Smokey Mutton Biriyani (Weekly Special-ask staff for availability) $ This cooking method is similar to Old Dhakaiya (Old city of Bangladesh) style Katchi Biriyani. Aromatic rice with young mutton cooked gently by using our secret spice in very low heat with self-steam(Dum).
ADD $16.50
Morog Polao (Chicken Biriyani) Marinated chicken Maryland, cooked with mild spice till smooth finish and served with aromatic rice and boiled egg
ADD $15.50
Beef Tehari ( Beef Biriyani) Aromatic rice with tender beef (with bones), cooked traditionally by using our secret spice
ADD $15.50

Rizq's Home-Made Bhorta

Aloo Bhorta
ADD $5.00
Tomato Bhorta
ADD $5.00
Begun Bhorta
ADD $5.00
Daal Bhorta
ADD $5.00
Prawn Bhorta
ADD $3.00
Shotki Bhorta
ADD $5.00
Takki Bhorta
ADD $5.00

Side Dishes

ADD $1.50
ADD $2.00
Plain Rice
ADD $4.00
Pilaf (Pulav) Rice
ADD $6.00
ADD $6.00
ADD $5.00
Mix Vegetable
ADD $10.00
ADD $5.00


Homemade Sweets
ADD 2pcs $5.00
Roshmalai Ask staff
ADD $5.00
Gulab Jamun
ADD $5.00
ADD $3.00


Soft Drinks
ADD $2.00
ADD $3.00
Mango Lassi
ADD $3.00
Deshi Cha (Tea)
ADD $3.00
Mineral Water
ADD $2.00

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