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BBQ Mushrooms GF Button mushrooms stuffed with spreadable cheese, cooked in Tandoor; served with mint
ADD 6 Pc $14.90
Veg Samosa Parcels of our flaky pastry stuffed with a potato and peas mix; served with our tamarind chutney
ADD 2Pc $9.90
Patti Samosa Parcels of our flaky pastry stuffed with a lamb mince mix; served with our tamarind chutney
ADD 2Pc $10.90
Palak Papdi Chaat A mix of potatoes, chick peas and spinach fitters – reminiscent of Indian street food; drizzled with tamarind and mint chutney and sweet yoghurt
ADD $11.90
Vegetable Cutlet A veggie delight mix of cottage cheese, potatoes and fresh coriander served with mint chutney
ADD 6 Pc $13.90
Onion Bhaji GF Chopped onion dipped in a chickpea batter and crisp fried served with mint sauce
ADD 4 Pc $9.90
Chilli Paneer Dry Fresh cottage cheese cooked with green onions, Chinese salt, soy sauce, and green chillies.
ADD $18.90
Chicken Lollipops Chicken wings pulled bones out marinated crispy fried served with garlic chilli sauce.
ADD 6 Pc $14.90
Chicken Tikka Achari GF Tender chicken pieces in a traditional tandoori marinate and pickled spices; served on a sizzler
ADD 4 Pc $14.90
Tandoori Chicken GF Tandoori spring chicken on the bone; served on a sizzler with mint chutney.
ADD 4 Pc $13.90
Lamb Cutlets GF Mouth-watering cardamom flavoured lamb cutlet served on a sizzler with mint chutney
ADD 2 Pc $13.90
Seekh Kebab GF Lamb mince combined with exotic spices and fresh herbs, skewered and then cooked in tandoor served on a sizzler with mint chutney.
ADD 4 Pc $12.90
Mixed Entree For Two Chicken Tikka, Seekh Kebab, Onion Bhaji and Veg Cutlet.
ADD $26.90

Mains-Vegetarian Curries

Aloo Gobhi GF Cauliflower and potatoes cooked with garlic, ginger, herbs and spices.
ADD $18.50
Kadai Paneer GF Fresh cottage cheese tossed gently in a wok along with onions, Fresh cottage cheese tossed gently in a wok along with onions, capsicums, tomatoes, herbs & spices
ADD $18.50
Vegetable Korma GF Fresh seasonal vegetables cooked in gravy of cashew nuts and creamy mild sauces.
ADD $18.50
Palak Paneer GF A puree of fresh leafy spinach cooked with cottage cheese and finished with spices
ADD $18.50
Malai Kofta Vegetable dumplings made from potatoes and cottage cheese finished in rich korma sauce
ADD $18.50
Eggplant Masala GF Eggplant & Potatoes cooked with fennel & fenugreek seeds
ADD $18.50
Bhagare Baingain GF Baby eggplants cooked with peanuts and sesame.
ADD $18.50
Pumpkin Goathi GF Pumpkin pan sautéed with roasted coriander powder, chilli, grated coconut, tamarind & mustard seeds
ADD $17.50
BBQ Nation Daal GF A slow cooked combination of black lentils and kidney beans enriched with cream
ADD $17.50
Tadka Daal With Fresh Spinach GF Lentils tempered with mustard seeds and English spinach
ADD $17.50
Nizami Kadai GF Seasonal vegetables in a coconut milk base, tempered with curry leaves and mustard seeds.
ADD $18.50

Mains-Non Vegetarian Curries

Grand Trunk Chicken GF Chicken simmered in a thick tomato onion gravy with herbs & spices
ADD $21.90
Murg Hara Masala GF Chicken cooked with fresh coriander, mint, onion, garlic, cheese, herbs and spices
ADD $21.90
Butter Chicken GF An all-time favourite
ADD $21.90
Chicken Tikka Masala Chicken tikka combined with a masala of onion, capsicum and tomatoes
ADD $21.90
Kashmiri Chicken GF Yoghurt marinated chicken cooked in a cashew gravy with Himalayan herbs and spices
ADD $21.90
Classic Railway Lamb Curry GF Boneless diced lamb with potatoes in a richly aromatic curry with pan-broiled coriander seeds, dry red chillies and a hint of tamarind. (as served in the Indian railway canteens)
ADD $24.90
Leg of Lamb GF An off-the-bone ‘melt in the mouth’ Mughlai style combination of marinated leg of lamb, pan-cooked in a thick yoghurt-based sauce with a touch of rum and finished with special herbs and home-ground spices
ADD $25.90
Lamb Korma GF Tender lean boneless lamb simmered in a mild cashew gravy
ADD $22.90
Lamb Rogan Josh GF Tender lamb pieces cooked with freshly grounded mild spices and herbs in a classic Kashmiri sauce
ADD $22.90
BBQ Spice Gosht GF Diced lamb marinated overnight in yoghurt with Himalayan herbs & Spices.
ADD $25.90
Beef Vindaloo GF Tender pieces of beef cooked in a vindaloo curry
ADD $19.90
Beef Madras GF From Madras in South India Tender boneless beef curry with a touch of coconut
ADD $19.90
Bombay Beef GF A house special beef curry cooked with potatoes hint of fenugreek leaves with hint of cream
ADD $19.90
Beef Saagwala GF Garlic flavoured Beef curry with spinach and fenugreek
ADD $19.90
BBQ Nation’s Homestyle Goat Curry GF Baby goat specially cut lean meat (on-the-bone), cooked homestyle
ADD $23.90
Goan Fish Curry GF From Kerala in South India Ling fillets cooked in coconut milk infused with south Indian spices. A Goan Speciality
ADD $25.90
Malabari Jhinga From the Malabar Coast in South India Australian king prawns cooked in a tomato and onion sauce, enhanced with mustard seeds, curry leaves, coconut milk.
ADD $25.90

Rice and Biryani

Plain Rice Basmati saffron rice.
ADD $3.50
Coconut Rice Basmati Rice mixed with desiccated coconut
ADD $4.50
Vegetable Biryani A vegetable treat, rice cooked with fresh seasonal vegetables and herbs served with Raita.
ADD $17.50
Non-Veg Biryani Basmati rice cooked with Beef/Lamb/Chicken served with Raita.
ADD $19.50


Raita Homemade style natural yoghurt dip with grated cucumber and roasted cumin
ADD $5.90
Kuchumber Cucumber, tomatoes and onions dressed with lemon juice and then tossed in mild spices and herbs
ADD $6.50
Banana Coconut Banana drizzled with lemon juice, coated in shredded coconut, then finished with almond flakes and rose syrup.
ADD $5.50
Pappadams Crispy thin lentil crepe.
ADD $2.00
Mango Chutney
ADD $2.00
Lime Pickle
ADD $2.00

Breads Made In Tandoor

Tandoori Roti
ADD $4.00
Plain Naan
ADD $4.00
Garlic Naan
ADD $4.90
Cheese Naan
ADD $5.50
Kashmiri Naan
ADD $5.90
Aloo Naan
ADD $5.90
Keema Naan
ADD $6.90
Butter Naan
ADD $5.90
Laccha Paratha
ADD $5.90
Cheese & Garlic Naan
ADD $5.90


Gulab Jamun
ADD 2 Pcs $7.90
Gulab Jamun Thinly sliced fried milk balls soaked in sugar syrup
ADD 2 Pcs $7.90


Mango Lassi Our popular version of the traditional mango lassi prepared with yoghurt
ADD $6.90

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