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Gv Food Court
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Starters | Vegetarian

Samosa (Set of 2) A crispy homemade pastry filled with potatoes and peas served with mint and tamarind sauce.
$4.95 Add
Veggie Fries Vegetables sliced in wedges, tossing and frying in oil, salt and pepper.
$4.99 Add
Hot and Sour Soup Soup prep with vegetables, garlic, onion, carrots and soya sauces.
$4.99 Add
Sweet Corn Soup Soup prep with butter plus corn, seasoned with salt and pepper.
$4.99 Add
Bread Pakoda (2 Pcs) Spiced potato stuffed bread dipped in chickpeas flour batter and deep fried in oil.
$4.99 Add
Plain Dosa South Indian dish, plain pancake made from fermented batter of rice and gram served with sambhar (curry cooked in vegetables and herbs).
$5.99 Add
Alloo Tikki (Serve of two) Small cutlets made of potatoes and vegetables served with spicy and tamarind sauces.
$6.70 Add
Gobhi Pakora Fried snacks dish of cauliflower mixed with chickpeas batter, Indian spices and herbs served with spicy mint and tamarind sauces.
$6.99 Add
Papdi Chaat Papdi, potato, bhalla, yoghurt and chutney served on platter.
$7.99 Add
Bhel Puri Mixture of puffed rice and other snacks, with chutney.
$7.99 Add
Paneer Pakora Fried snacks dish of homemade cottage cheese mixed with chickpeas batter Indian spices, herbs served with spicy mint and tamarind sauces.
$8.80 Add
Pau Bhaji Two plain buns served with mix vegetables, butter and onion.
$8.99 Add
Masala Dosa South Indian dish. Pancake made from fermented batter of rice & gram stuffed with potatoes inside, served hot along with sambhar (curry cooked in vegetables & herbs).
$9.50 Add
Aloo Kulcha with Cholle A typical Indian flat bread prepared with all purpose flour with potato stuffing served with chickpeas curry.
Single $9.99 Add Double $12.99 Add
Chilli Mushroom Cournflour coated mushrooms deep fried and cooked with capsicum, Chinese salt and Indian spices in soya sauce.
$10.49 Add
Vegetable Noodles Noodles cooked with sliced capsicum, onion, mixed vegetables, garlic, Chinese salt and Indian spices in soya sauce.
$10.49 Add
Paneer Tikka Mint spiced cubes of cottage cheese, skewered with fresh vegetables and cooked on the grill served with spicy green chilli sauce.
$12.50 Add
Vegetable Manchurian Vegetable balls filled in batter and tossed in Manchurian.
$12.99 Add

Starters | Non-Vegetarian

Chicken Nuggets (8 Pcs) Chicken which is breaded/battered, then deep-fried or baked.
$4.99 Add
Lamb Samosa (Set of 4) Crispy homemade pastry filled with minced lamb and peas served with mint and tamarind sauce.
$5.99 Add
Chicken Samosa (Serve of four). Savoury pastry fried in oil containing chicken served with spicy mint and tamarind sauces.
$5.99 Add
Chicken Tikka (8 Pcs) Boneless chicken pieces marinated in yogurt and Indian spices cooked in clay oven, served with mint sauce.
$9.45 Add
Chicken Noodles Noodles cooked with sliced chicken, onion, mixed vegetables, garlic, salt and Indian spices in soya sauce.
$10.99 Add
Tandoori Chicken King of kabab, barbecued chicken prepared with yogurt and spices.
$11.50 Add
Chilli Chicken Chicken tossed with fresh garlic and chilli sauce, served on a sizzling platter.
$13.99 Add

Main Course | Vegetarian

Alloo Puri Poori is an unleavened deep fried Indian bread served with potato curry.
$8.90 Add
Chole Bhature Spicy chickpeas curry and fried bread called bhatura made from plain flour.
$9.50 Add
Mattar Mashroom Peas and mushroom fried in oil and cooked in a Indian spices, herbs, onions, tomatoes, ginger and garlic.
$9.90 Add
Zeera Alloo Boiled potatoes tossed with fresh Indian spices.
$9.99 Add
Mix Vegetable Veggies cooked in onion, tomato, sauce with Indian spices.
$10.49 Add
Channa Masala Chickpeas cooked with tomato,onion and Indian spices.
$10.49 Add
Alloo Gobhi Cauliflower cooked in tomato sauce, fresh Indian spices.
$10.49 Add
Alloo Matar Potatoes and peas cooked in spiced creamy tomato sauce.
$10.59 Add
Rajma Chawal Dish consisting of red kidney beans in a thick gravy with many Indian whole spices and usually served with rice.
$10.59 Add
Dal Tadka Smooth red and yellow lentils are delicately seasoned then topped with browned onions and hot chilli pepper.
$10.99 Add
Shahi Paneer Cheese in a thick gravy of cream, tomatoes & spices.
$11.49 Add
Baigan Bhartha (Eggplant Dish) Roasted eggplant mashed and tossed with onions and tomatoes.
$11.50 Add
Paneer Tikka Masala Paneer tikka tossed with onion and capsicum then coated in a fresh, tomato based sauce.
$11.50 Add
Dal Makhani Indian dish that contains urad beans simmered in a smooth sauce and sauteed with tomatoes, onions and mild spice.
$12.50 Add
Mutter Paneer Peas and cottage cheese cooked in a mild sauce flavoured with fresh ginger and coriander.
$12.50 Add
Paneer Saag Homemade cottage cheese cooked with a creamy spinach sauce then garnished with ginger juilieness.
$12.50 Add
Kadai Paneer Indian cottage cheese dunked in a rich tomato based sauce.
$12.99 Add

Main Course | Non-Vegetarian

Egg Bhurji A riotous mix of colours, spice and flavours that's laden with butter and character in scrambled eggs.
$10.49 Add
Egg Curry Boiled eggs cooked with thick Indian gravy.
$10.90 Add
Palak Chicken Tender chicken pieces cooked in spinach gravy cooked with Indian spices.
$11.49 Add
Chicken Curry Pieces of chicken marinated overnight, part cooked in clay oven & simmered in a sally tomato sauce.
$11.50 Add
Chicken Tikka Masala Chicken tikka tossed with onions and capsicum then coated in a fresh tomato based sauce.
$12.50 Add
Butter Chicken Chicken stewed in an onion and tomato based sauce then flavoured with variety of spices (customise).
$12.95 Add
Lamb Rogan Josh Tender lamb pieces cooked in tomato and onion sauce infused with fresh herbs and spices.
$12.99 Add
Masala Curry Diced lamb or goat, the age old of bhunao is sued in which the meat is cooked in its own juices (customise).
Lamb $13.50 Add Goat $13.50 Add


$2.00 Add
Saffron Rice
$2.50 Add
Rice Cooked Vegetable Pulao Rice cooked in vegetables, onions and Indian herbs and spices.
$8.50 Add
Chicken Fried Rice
$9.50 Add


Tawa Roti Wholemeal flour bread.
$1.99 Add
Naan A leavened plain flour bread of North India.
$2.50 Add
Garlic Naan Naan lavishly flavoured with garlic butter.
$2.95 Add
Aloo Paratha Indian bread stuffed with spicy potatoes.
$3.50 Add
Gobhi Paratha Indian bread stuffed with spicy cauliflower.
$3.60 Add


Raita $3.20 Add


Gulab Jamun Soft balls of cottage cheese and condensed milk, fried and dipped in sugar syrup flavoured with rose essence.
$4.45 Add
Vanilla Ice Cream
$4.90 Add
Chocolate Ice Cream
$4.99 Add
Gajar Ka Halwa Carrot dessert pudding.
$6.50 Add
Ras Malai Dumpling of cottage cheese dipped in saffron flavoured milk.
$6.90 Add


Soft Drinks (Can)
Solo $2.00 Add Coke Zero $2.00 Add Coke $2.00 Add Sunkist $2.00 Add Mountain Dew $2.00 Add Pepsi $2.00 Add
Salted $2.30 Add Mango $2.30 Add Sweet $2.30 Add


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