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Meal Deals

Banquet Deals for 2-4 People 2 x Large Curries, 1 x X­Large Rice, 1 x Plain Naan, 1 x Garlic Naan, 1 x 5 Pappadums, 1 x 2 Veg Samosas, 1 x Large Salad or Large Raita
$39.95 Add
Banquet Deals for 4-6 People 4 x Large Curries, 1 x 2 X­Large Rice, 2 x Naan Breads, 1 x Mix Platter, 1 x 8 Pappadums
$69.95 Add

Naan Bread

Plain Naan Plain bread cooked in tandoori oven
$2.95 Add
Garlic Naan Naan bread stuffed with garlic
$3.50 Add
Cheese Naan Naan bread stuffed with cheese
$3.50 Add
Potato Naan Naan bread stuffed with potato
$3.50 Add
Cheese and Garlic Naan Naan bread stuffed with cheese and garlic
$3.95 Add
Herbs and Cheese Naan Naan bread stuffed with herbs and cheese
$3.95 Add
Spicy Naan Naan bread stuffed with chilli, cheese and garlic
$3.95 Add
Spinach and Cheese Naan Naan bread stuffed with spinach and cheese
$3.95 Add
Chilli Cheese Naan Naan bread stuffed with cheese and chilli
$3.95 Add
Onion Kulcha Naan bread stuffed with cheese, onion and fresh shallots
$3.95 Add
Peshawari Naan Naan bread stuffed with dry fruits and nuts
$3.95 Add
Chilli Chicken Naan Naan bread stuffed with chilli, chicken and cheese
$4.50 Add
Keema Naan Naan bread stuffed with lamb mince and cheese
$4.50 Add
Special Naan Naan bread stuffed with herbs, olives, mushrooms, cheese and potato
$6.00 Add
Loaded Naan Choose any 6 fillings of your choice
$6.00 Add

Vegetaian Curries

Navrattan Korma (Mild) Gluten Free Fresh vegetables cooked in cashew nut based gravy and spices
Small $6.95 Add Large $10.95 Add XL $13.95 Add
Dal Tadka (Mild) Gluten Free Special mix lentil curry slowly cooked with whole spices, rich in nutrition
Small $6.95 Add Large $10.95 Add XL $13.95 Add
Eggplant Potato (Med) Gluten Free Eggplant and potato cooked in tomato based sauce with authentic Indian spices
Small $6.95 Add Large $10.95 Add XL $13.95 Add
Mutter Paneer (Med) Gluten Free Cottage cheese and peas cooked with authentic special spices
Small $6.95 Add Large $10.95 Add XL $13.95 Add
Mix Vegetable Fresh seasonal vegetables cooked with ginger, garlic and onion with blend of north Indian spices
Small $6.95 Add Large $10.95 Add XL $13.95 Add

Chicken Curries

Butter Chicken (Mild) Gluten Free Tender pieces of chicken cooked with cream and specially made tomato and cashew nut based gravy
Small $7.95 Add Large $12.95 Add XL $16.95 Add
Mango Chicken (Mild) Gluten Free Chicken cooked in creamy mouth watering mango puree, healthy sweet and kids favourite
Small $7.95 Add Large $12.95 Add XL $16.95 Add
Chicken Korma (Mild) Gluten Free Slow cooked chicken pieces with cream and cashew nut sauce
Small $7.95 Add Large $12.95 Add XL $16.95 Add
Chicken Tikka Masala (Med) Gluten Free Chicken marinated in traditional spices and cooked in tomato and onion gravy
Small $7.95 Add Large $12.95 Add XL $16.95 Add
Chicken Vindaloo Gluten Free Very popular fiery hot dish from Goa, chicken pieces cooked in tomato gravy with chilli and touch of vinegar
Small $7.95 Add Large $12.95 Add XL $16.95 Add

Beef Curries

Beef Madras (Med) Gluten Free Traditional South Indian style beef dish cooked with tomatoes, onions, coconut milk, mustard seeds and fresh curry leaves
Small $9.95 Add Large $14.95 Add XL $17.95 Add
Beef Potato Masala (Med) Gluten Free Potato and beef pieces cooked together with very famous Indian spices
Small $9.95 Add Large $14.95 Add XL $17.95 Add
Beef Vindaloo Gluten Free Hot and spicy beef curry cooked in tomato gravy, famous spices, chilli and vinegar
Small $9.95 Add Large $14.95 Add XL $17.95 Add

Lamb Curries

Kashmiri Lamb (Mild) Gluten Free Mild and slightly sweet curry cooked with cashew nut and dry fruits based sauce
Small $9.95 Add Large $14.95 Add XL $17.95 Add
Lamb Rogan Josh (Med) Gluten Free Classical dish of slow cooked tender lamb in rich tomato and onion gravy
Small $9.95 Add Large $14.95 Add XL $17.95 Add
Lamb Vindaloo Gluten Free Hot and spicy lamb curry cooked in tomato gravy, famous spices, chilli and vinegar
Small $9.95 Add Large $14.95 Add XL $17.95 Add

Goat Curries

Goat Curry ( Medium) Goat meat on bone simmered with lots of pungent freshly ground spices to give it a unique north Indian flavour
Small $9.95 Add Large $14.95 Add XL $17.95 Add

Sides & Condiments

Chicken Tikka (Med) Overnight marinated chicken cooked in tandoori oven
Piece $3.50 Add 2 Pieces $6.00 Add
Chicken Wings (Med) Overnight marinated chicken wings cooked in tandoori oven
Piece $1.50 Add 4 Pieces $5.00 Add
Keema Samosa (Med) Pastry filled with spices and lamb mince
Piece $2.50 Add 3 Pieces $6.00 Add
Veggie Samosa (Med) Pastry filled with spices, peas and potato
Piece $2.00 Add 3 Pieces $5.00 Add
Veggie Pakora (Mild) Veggies marinated with chickpea flour and Indian spices
Piece $1.50 Add 4 Pieces $5.00 Add
Bread Pakora (Mild) Bread stuffed with potato and peas and marinated with chickpea flour
Piece $1.00 Add 3 Pieces $2.00 Add
Pappadums (Crispy) Taste of crispiness
Piece $0.50 Add 5 Pieces $2.00 Add
Mix Platter Combination of 1 chicken tikka, 1 chicken wing, 1 veggie samosa, 1 veggie pakora and 1 bread pakora
$8.50 Add


Raita Yoghurt mixed with roasted cumin seeds and cucumber
Small $1.50 Add Large $2.95 Add
Mint Sauce (Spicy) Mixture of mint, yoghurt and hint of green chilli
Small $0.50 Add Large $1.50 Add
Salad Mixed Indian salad great with curries
$2.00 Add
Mango Chutney
$0.99 Add
Pickles Lime, chilli, mango or mix
Lime $0.50 Add Chilli $0.50 Add Mango $0.50 Add Mix $0.50 Add
Tamarind Sauce
Small $0.50 Add Large $1.50 Add


Mango Lassi Yoghurt blended with mango puree
$3.50 Add
Strawberry Lassi Strawberry and yoghurt blended to perfection
$3.50 Add


Small $1.50 Add Large $2.50 Add XL $3.50 Add


Gulab Jamun Lightly deep fried donut balls, dipped in rosewater syrup
Piece $1.00 Add 4 Pieces $3.00 Add


Soft Drinks-375ml
Diet Coke $2.00 Add Coke $2.00 Add Coke Zero $2.00 Add Lift $2.00 Add Fanta $2.00 Add Sprite $2.00 Add
Ginger Beer
375ml $2.50 Add
330ml $4.50 Add
Goulburn Valley 5 Fruit Juice
500ml $3.50 Add
Nestea Iced Tea
500ml $3.50 Add
Mt. Franklin Water
600ml $2.50 Add
Soft Drinks-600ml
Coke $3.50 Add Diet Coke $3.50 Add Coke Zero $3.50 Add Lift $3.50 Add Sprite $3.50 Add Fanta $3.50 Add


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