Chomolungma Nepali Cuisine

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Meal Deal

Chomolungma Banquet Three Courses Per Person
ADD $29.90

Khaja (Light Meals & Starters)

Momo's (Kothey) - 6pcs Shallow half fried dumpling served tomato & sesame chutney
ADD $11.90
Momo's (Steamed) - 6pcs Momo is type of dumpling which is made from dough filled with minced & served with tomato & Sesame Chutney
ADD $8.90
Momo's (Jhol) - 6pcs Dumplings with mince sprinkled with Himalayan spices, served with jhol (soup)
ADD $9.90
Mix Vegetable Pakora - 6pcs Battered with basen (Chick peas Flour) fried until Crispy
ADD $9.90
Machha Tareko - 4pcs Marinated perch fillets fried in chic pea flour
ADD $11.90
Jinge Machha Tareko - 4pcs King prawns fried in chef special spices
ADD $12.90
Kukhura ko Pakheta - 4pcs Chicken wings marinated and deep fried.
ADD $9.90
Kukhura ko Masu - 4pcs Boneless chicken morsels cooked in oven.
ADD $10.50
Sekuwa Grilled shredded meat marinated with Nepalese spices served with puff rice
ADD $10.90
Chhoyela Tossed with garlic, ginger, chilli, fenugreek seeds, onions and herbs served with puffed rice.
ADD $11.90
Chau-Chau Chicken/ Pork/ Lamb/ Vegetables, Stirfried noodles, garlic, ginger, vegetables and herbs
ADD $15.90
Prawn Chau-Chau Stir fried noodles, garlic, ginger, vegetables, and herbs
ADD $16.90
Thukpa Chicken, pork, lamb, vegetables, Noodle soup - vegerables, herbs seasonings, salt and pepper
ADD $15.50
Prawn Thukpa Noodle Soup, vegetables, herbs, seasoning, salt and pepper
ADD $16.50
Khaja Set 3pcs momo (vegetable, chicken, pork), choyela (pork, lamb, chicken), chutney, badam sadheko
ADD $15.90

Nepali Thali

Khasi Ko Masu(goat with bone)
ADD $23.90
Dharane Bungur ko Masu (Pork Ribs)
ADD $21.90
Jhinge Machha (King Prawns) King Prawns fried with diced onions, garlic, ginger and Nepali spices.
ADD $24.90
Bheda ko Masu Lamb
ADD $20.90
Goru ko Masu Beef
ADD $19.90
Kukhura ko Masu Boneless Chicken
ADD $19.50
Tarkari Mixed Vegetables - Pan fried
ADD $18.90


Vindaloo Sauce Cooked with vindaloo sauce (mild/ medium/ hot)
ADD $17.90
Himalayan Sauce Cooked with ginger, garlic, onion, tomato & Himalayan Spices (mild/ medium/ hot)
ADD $17.50

Sea Food

Jhinge (King Prawns) King prawns cooked with garlic, onions and tomato sauce.
ADD $18.50
Jhinga (Prawns) Garlic & Chilli cooked with fresh herbs
ADD $18.90
Jhinga Nariwal King prawns cooked with coconut cream
ADD $18.50
Jhinga Saag King Prawns cooked with fresh spinach & creamy sauce.
ADD $19.00
Machha (Fish) Perch fillets cooked with mustard seeds, garlic, ginger, onions, tomato and herbs.
ADD $17.50
Nariwal Machha Perch fillets cooked with coconut cream
ADD $17.90


Simi Aloo Tarkari Green beans, potatoes cooked with tomatoes, onion & garlic.
ADD $15.90
Aloo Cauli Cauliflower and potatoes cooked with tomatoes, onion and garlic
ADD $15.90
Aloo Mattar Potatoes with geen peas
ADD $15.90
Chomolungma Tarkari Mixed vegetables, cooked with tomatoes, onion, ginger and spices.
ADD $15.90
Aloo Banda Potato & Eggplant cooked in Nepalese Herbs
ADD $15.90


Chick Peas With puff rice, lime juice, chop onions and green herbs
ADD $11.90
Chicken Tandoori With letteuce, oniorn, tomatoes, cucumber and carrot
ADD $12.90
Fresh Garden Salad
ADD $9.90


Steamed Rice
ADD $3.00
Roti Pan fried bread, tossed in with ghee
ADD $3.00
Papadams (4 pieces)
ADD $2.50
Mango Pickle
ADD $2.00
Sweet Mango Chutney
ADD $2.00
Chomolungma Chutney Cucumber, Carrots, Potatoes, green peas, mixed with sesame
ADD $4.00
Red Daal Tadka Lentils tempered with cumin, onions and tomatoes.
ADD $4.50
Badam Sadheko Peanuts, Mixed tomato, cucumber, carrot, fresh herbs
ADD $5.90


Gulab Jamun Deep Fried dumplings of reduced milk soaked in sugar syrup - Served warm
ADD $5.90
Hot Millet Pancake Served with bananas, strawberries & honey
ADD $9.50
Ice Cream with Tiro Topping Mango - Berries - Chocolate
ADD $6.50
Gulab Jaamun and Ice Cream Served with 2 pieces Gulab Jaamun and Ice Cream
ADD $6.90
Plain Yogurt
ADD $5.00


Soda Water/ Sparkling Water
ADD $4.00
Lemon Lime Bitter
ADD $4.00
Juice Apple - Orange
ADD $4.00
Soft Drinks
ADD $3.50
Coconut Juice
ADD $4.50
Mango Lassi
ADD $3.90

Hot Beverages

Hot Chocolate
ADD $4.50
Coffee Cappuccino - Flat - Latte - Espresso - Long Black - Piccolo
ADD $4.50
Tea English - Green - Chomolungma
ADD $4.00

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