Ruk Thai Restaurant-Everton Hills

12/77 Camelia ave, Everton Hills 4053
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Meal Deals

Dinner Pack A - save$3 .00 1 x Chicken Spring Roll (2 Pieces), 1 x Chicken Fried Cashew Nuts, 1 x Small Steamed Rice
ADD $17.90
Dinner Pack B - save$ 5.00 1 x Chicken Spring Roll (4 Pieces), 1 x Chicken Green Curry, 1 x Beef Fried Cashew Nuts, 1 x Large Steamed Rice
ADD $34.40
Dinner Pack C - save$8 .00 1 x Chicken Spring Roll (4 Pieces), 1 x Chicken Curry Puff (4 Pieces), 1 x Satay Chicken (4 Skewers), 1 x Chicken ellow Curry, 1 x Beef Garlic & Pepper, 1 x Chicken Pad Thai Noodle, 2 x Large Steamed Rice
ADD $61.00
Dinner Pack D - save $13.00 1 x Satay Chicken (4 Skewers), 1 x Chicken Spring Roll (4 Pieces), 1 x Chicken Curry Puff (4 Pieces), 1 x Beef Massaman Curry, 1 x Chicken Green Curry, 1 x Beef Ruk­Thai BBQ, 1 x Chicken Fried Cashew Nuts, 1 x Chicken Pad Thai Noodle, 3 x Large Steamed Rice
ADD $89.90


Satay Chicken (4 Skewers) marinated chicken grilled on bamboo skewers, served with peanut sauce
ADD $7.50
Spring Rolls (4 Pieces) deep fried spring rolls stuffed with glass noodles and vegetables, served with sweet chili sauce
ADD $6.50
Curry Puffs (4 Pieces) deep fried puff pastries filled with potatoes, carrots and onion served with sweet chilli sauce
ADD $6.50
Fish Cakes (5 Pieces) deep fried fish cakes, served with sweet chilli sauce, with peanuts
ADD $6.90
Fish Balls ( Balls) Thai style fish balls on bamboo skewers, deep fried, served with sweet chilli sauce
ADD $6.90
Golden Parcel (6 Pieces) deep fried pastry with minced chicken, water chestnuts, egg, served with sweet chilli sauce
ADD $6.90
Dim Sim (4 Pieces) steamed seasoning pork mince blended with crunchy water chestnuts and vegetables, wrapped in wonton pastries, served with homemade dim sim sauce
ADD $7.90
Coconut Prawns (4 Prawns) deep fried king prawns coated in coconut, served with sweet chilli sauce
ADD $8.50
Satay Prawns (4 Prawns) marinated prawns grilled on bamboo skewers, served with sweet peanut sauce
ADD $8.50
Mixed Entree (6 Pieces) 2 spring roll, 1 curry puff, 1 fish cake & 2 golden parcels
ADD $8.50

Chefs Specials

Diced Beef with Gailan marinated diced beef stir fried with garlic, pepper, onion and gailan
ADD $15.00
Ruk-Thai BBQ stir fried BBQ meat with vegetables, topped with peanut sauce
ADD $14.50
Fried Cashews stir fried meat in mild chilli paste, with vegetables & cashew nuts
ADD $14.50
Steamed Boat soft steamed meat served with steamed mixed vegetables topped with peanut sauce
ADD $13.50
Duck Pineapple Fried Rice special pineapple fried rice with egg, vegetables and roasted duck
ADD $18.90
Fish Chu Chee Curry battered fish fillets with thick chu chee curry sauce and vegetables, topped with coconut cream & kaffir lime leaves
ADD $18.00


Tom Yum Soup Thai spicy soup with mushrooms, onion, lemon uice & fresh herbs
ADD Reg $7.90
ADD Large $15.00
Coconut Soup Thai spicy soup in coconut milk with mushrooms, onion, lemon uice & herbs
ADD Reg $7.90
ADD Large $15.00
Clear Soup tasty clear soup with vegetables
ADD Reg $7.90
ADD Large $15.00

Stir Fries

Ginger stir fried meat with fresh ginger and vegetables
ADD $13.50
Garlic & Pepper stir fried meat with fresh garlic, pepper & vegetables
ADD $13.50
Sweet & Sour stir fried meat in sweet and sour sauce, with tomatoes, capsicum, onion, pineapple & cucumber
ADD $13.50
Pad Vegetables stir fried meat with Thai oyster sauce & vegetables
ADD $13.50
Pad Prik King stir fried meat with curry paste, lime leaves & vegetables
ADD $13.50
Basil stir fried meat with fresh chilli, basil & vegetables
ADD $13.50
Pad Prik Gang Kaew stir fried meat with green curry paste, lime leaves & vegetables
ADD $13.50


Green Curry Thai green paste made from green chillies & Thai herbs in coconut milk based, bamboo strips, vegetables and basil leaves
ADD $14.00
Red Curry Thai curry paste made from dried chillies & Thai herbs in coconut milk based, bamboo strips, vegetables and basil leaves
ADD $14.00
Yellow Curry Thai yellow curry paste in coconut milk with curry powder, potatoes, carrots and onion, topped with fried onion
ADD $14.00
Massaman Curry massaman curry paste in coconut milk with potatoes, tomatoes and onion, topped with peanuts & fried onion, only massaman beef is chunky beef tender and not gluten free
ADD $14.00
Panang Curry panang curry paste in coconut milk with a dash of peanut butter, vegetables and kaffir lime leaves
ADD $14.00
Pineapple Curry red curry paste in coconut milk with tangy pineapple pieces, tomatoes and vegetables
ADD $14.00
Jungle Curry (No Coconut Milk) Thai traditional curry paste made from hot red chilli and Thai herbs with basil and vegetables
ADD $14.00

Noodle Soup

Thai Noodle Soup wide rice noodle soup with vegetables & meat
ADD $13.50
Tom Yum Noodle Soup thin rice noodle in hot and sour soup with vegetables and meat
ADD $13.50

Fried Rice  & Fried Noodle

Fried Rice Thai style fried rice with egg & vegetables
ADD $12.50
Spicy Fried Rice Thai style fried rice with egg, fresh chilli, vegetables & basil
ADD $12.50
Pad Thai Noodles Thai style fried noodles with egg, vegetables & special pad Thai sauce
ADD $12.50
Pad Kee Mao (Spicy Fried Noodles) Thai style fried noodles with egg, fresh chilli, vegetables & basil
ADD $12.50
Pad Mee Noodles Thai style vermacelli noodles with egg & vegetables
ADD $12.50
Pad See Ew Thai style fried wide rice noodle with egg, dark and light soy sauce and vegetables
ADD $12.50

Steamed Rice

Jasmine Rice (Plain Rice)
ADD Small $3.00
ADD Large $4.50
Coconut Rice
ADD Small $4.00
ADD Large $5.00
Vegetable Basil stir fried vegetables with basil, fresh chilli & tofu
ADD $12.50


Vegetables Cashew Nut stir fried vegetables with cashew nuts & tofu
ADD $12.50
Vegetables Oyster stir fried vegetables with oyster sauce & tofu
ADD $12.50
Vegetable Sweet & Sour stir fried sweet & sour with tofu & vegetables
ADD $12.50
Vegetable Peanut Sauce stir fried vegetables with tofu, topped with peanut sauce
ADD $12.50
Vegetable Green Curry Thai green curry in coconut milk with vegetables & tofu
ADD $12.50
Vegetable Red Curry Thai red curry in coconut milk with vegetables & tofu
ADD $12.50
Vegetable Yellow Curry Thai yellow curry in coconut milk with vegetables & tofu
ADD $12.50
Vegetable Panang Curry Thai panang curry in coconut milk with vegetables & tofu
ADD $12.50
Vegetable Basil stir fried vegetables with basil, fresh chilli & tofu
ADD $12.50


ADD $0.50


Soft Drink (Can)
ADD Coke $2.50
ADD Coke Zero $2.50
ADD Sprite $2.50
ADD Fanta $2.50
ADD Solo $2.50
Ginger Beer (Bottle)
ADD $3.50
Lipton Ice Tea
ADD $3.90
ADD Apple & Guava Juice $4.00
ADD Orange Juice $4.00
San Pellegrino
ADD Still Spring Water $3.50
ADD Sparkling Water $3.50


Larb minced meat tossed with red onion, mint and toasted ground rice
ADD $14.00
Yum Salad sliced grilled meat in Thai salad dressing mixed with red onion, herbs, vegetables and cashew nuts
ADD $14.00
Seafood Salad soft boiled seafood in Thai salad dressing mixed with red onion, herbs, vegetables and cashew nuts
ADD $17.50

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