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Saffron Adelaide
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Meal Deals

Singles Deal 1 x Rice, 1 x Plain Naan, 1 x Main , 1 x Cucumber Raita
$18.90 Add
Couples Deal 2 x Main , 1 x 2 Plain Naan, 1 x Rice, 1 x Cucumber Raita
$35.00 Add
Family Deal 1 x 2 pcs Chicken Tikka, 1 x 2 pcs Tandoori Chicken, 1 x 2 pcs Sheekabab, 2 x Main , 1 x Bombay Potatoes, 1 x 4 Plain Naan, 1 x 2 Rice, 1 x Pappadum (4pcs), 1 x Cucumber Raita
$57.90 Add

Entrees Vegetarian

Onion Bhaji Deep fried onion strings tossed in garam masala & chickpea flour
$7.50 Add
Vegetable Pakoras Fritters of vegetables in lentil batter
$7.50 Add
Vegetable Samosas Crispy triangular pastry filled with potato, peas & spices
$7.90 Add
Vegetable Mixed Platter Samosa, vegetable pakora, onion bhaji
$8.90 Add
Paneer Pakora Fresh cottage cheese in spices chickpeas batter & fried
$9.90 Add

Entrees From Tandoor

Saffron Chicken Tikka Creamy chicken with saffron spice
Entree $9.90 Add Main $13.90 Add
Chicken Tikka Succulent chicken pieces with tandoori, masala, roasted to perfection in the tandoor
Entree $8.90 Add Main $13.90 Add
Tandoori Chicken On the bone marinated in yoghurt & spices, cooked in the tandoor? entree = 3pcs, main = 5pcs
Entree $8.90 Add Main $12.90 Add
Haryali Chicken Kebab Infused with mint, corriander & spices
Entree $9.90 Add Main $13.90 Add
Seekh Kebab Delicate, melt­in­the mouth mince meat rolled onto a skewer and roasted in the tandoor
Entree $9.90 Add Main $13.90 Add
Mixed Tandoori Tandoor chicken, chicken tikka & sheekh kebab
Entree $9.50 Add Main $15.90 Add
Tandoori Prawns Marinated in yoghurt, fennel & garamasala
Entree $11.90 Add Main $16.90 Add
Fish Tikka Fish chunks infused with dill & spices
Entree $11.90 Add Mains $15.90 Add

Mains - Seafood

Goan Fish Curry Fillet of fish marinated in goan spices & coconut milk, infused wiht shallots, garlic, ginger and tamarind.
$14.90 Add
Prawns Masala King prawns, marinated in aromatic spices with capsicum, onion and tomatoes.
$16.90 Add
Saffron Prawns King prawns cooked in a creamy saffron sauce
$16.90 Add

Mains - Beef

Beef Madras Diced beef curry cooked in traditional South Indian style with coconut and curry leaves.
$14.50 Add
Goan Beef Vindaloo Diced beef marinated in traditional goan style with vinegar, chillies and spices.
$14.50 Add
Beef Rogan Josh Beef cooked in tomato, onions, ginger, garlic, spicy and garnished with fresh coriander.
$14.50 Add

Mains - Lamb

Lamb Korma Tender pieces marinated in yoghurt, mace and cardamom cooked in an almond and cashew paste.
$14.90 Add
Lamb Saag Pieces cooked with spinach in a lightly spiced sauce
$14.90 Add
Lamb Rogan Josh Lamb cooked in tomato, onions, ginger, garlic, spicy and garnished with fresh coriander.
$14.90 Add

Mains - Chicken

Saffron's Hot and Tangy Chicken Marinated boneless chicken pieces with garam masala, chilli, onion, lemon and fresh coriander
$13.90 Add
Chicken Tikka Masala Chicken cooked in the tandoor oven then finished in a rich, thick spicy sauce.
$13.50 Add
Mango Chicken Chicken pieces cooked in a creamy mango sauce.
$13.50 Add
Chicken Chettinad South Indian delicacy with a special blend of spices, coconut milk and curry leaves.
$13.50 Add
Chicken Curry Home style with potatoes in a lightly spiced sauce
$12.90 Add
Butter Chicken Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in the tandoor and finished in a creamy tomato sauce.
$13.90 Add

Our Specialities

Goat Curry Goat on the bone with potatoes and a special blend of spices created by our chef.
$17.50 Add
Bhuna Gosht Lamb and potato curry stir fried with whole spices and finished with fresh coriander.
$14.90 Add

Mains - Vegetarian

Dhingri Mattar (Our Speciality) Mushroom and pea curry.
$12.90 Add
Eggplant Masala Eggplant, capsicum and potato cooked in a blend of spices.
$11.90 Add
Aloo Mattar Potato and peas cooked together in spices and garnished with fresh coriander.
$9.90 Add
Bombay Potatoes Potato curry with panch phora and a sprinkle of garam masala and lemon
$9.90 Add
Malai Kofta Potato and cheese dumplings in a freshly blended spiced cream sauce.
$13.90 Add
Navratan Korma Seasonal crispy vegetables cooked in a light korma sauce.
$12.90 Add
Dhal Makhani Sauteed lentils with freshly picked herbs
$9.90 Add
Paneer Makhani Masala Home made cheese with tomato and creamy spiced sauce
$12.90 Add

Side Orders

Rice Basmati
$3.00 Add
Saffron Rice
$4.90 Add
Garlic Naan
$4.00 Add
Plain Naan
$3.50 Add
Potato & Cheese
$4.90 Add
Pappadums (4pcs)
$3.00 Add
Cucumber Raita
$2.90 Add
Mango Chutney
$2.50 Add
Mixed Pickle
$2.50 Add
Mint Sauce
$2.90 Add

Desserts & Drinks

Gulab Jamun Sweet dumplings soaked in cardamon syrup (2 pcs)
2 pcs $4.90 Add
Kulfi Frozen Indian icecream
$4.90 Add
Mango Lassi Traditional Indian mango yoghurt drink
$4.90 Add
Soft Drink (1.25ltr)
$5.00 Add


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