Modern Kebab House

24A Park Terrace, Salisbury North 5108
Modern Kebab House
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Meal Deals

Modern's Family Pack 1 x 2 Whole Charcoal Chicken, 1 x Bread or Rice (Enough for 3 people)
$36.00 Add
Modern's Family Pack 1 x 3 Whole Chicken, 1 x Bread, 1 x Rice, 1 x Salad
$55.00 Add
Modern's Family Pack 10 x Kebabs, 1 x Bread, 1 x Rice, 1 x Salad
$55.00 Add


Lamb Kebab 3 skewers of lamb back strap with salad and rice or bread
$15.00 Add
Kobeedah 3 skewers of lamb mince with salad and rice or bread
$15.00 Add
Chicken Kebab 3 skewers of chicken meat with salad rice or bread
$15.00 Add
Mix Kebab 3 skewers of lamb, lamb mince & chicken with salad & rice or bread
$15.00 Add
Whole Charcoal Chicken One whole chicken with chips bread and sauce
$15.00 Add
Whole Charcoal Chicken One whole charcoal chicken with any chioce of rice salad & sauce
$18.00 Add
Modern's Kebab One whole chicken leg with bread and rice or chips
$10.00 Add
Modern's Kebab 4 pieces of drumstick with chips and sauce
$8.00 Add

Kebab Rolls

Single Kebab Roll One skewers of any kebabs with salad & any sauce
$7.00 Add
Combo Kebab Roll 2 skewers with salad & sauce & bread
$10.00 Add


Qabill Palaw Afghan traditional dish fried lamb & rice with bread & salad (everyday)
$15.00 Add
Babaqi palaw Lamb shanks woth rice bread & salad
$15.00 Add
Borani Bademjan Fried eggplants & tomato with bread and garlic yogurt (everyday)
$12.00 Add


Beef Burger with Chips
$8.00 Add
Chicken Burger with Chips
$8.00 Add


Large $7.00 Add Medium $5.00 Add Small $3.00 Add


Jug $10.00 Add Glass $3.00 Add
Soft Drinks - Can
$2.00 Add
Soft Drinks - 1.25 Litre
$3.50 Add
Soft Drinks - 2 Litre
$4.50 Add
V Energy Drink 500ml
$4.00 Add
V Energy Drink 250ml
$3.00 Add
Mother Energy Drink 500ml
$3.50 Add
Red Bull 473ml
$4.50 Add
Red Bull 355ml
$3.50 Add
$1.50 Add


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