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Meal Deals

Butter Chicken Deal 1 x Butter Chicken, 1 x Steamed Rice, 1 x Garlic Naan
ADD $18.50
Deal For 2 2 x Any Curry, 1 x Large Steam Rice, 2 x Garlic Naan, 1 x Pappadam
ADD $36.00
Deal For Family 1 x Chicken Tikka, 2 x Any Curry, 1 x Large Steam Rice, 2 x Garlic Naan, 1 x Raita, 1 x Pappadam, 2 x Cans of Soft Drinks
ADD $47.00
Deal For Four 1 x Veg Samosa, 1 x Chicken Tikka, 3 x Any Curry, 2 x Large Steam Rice, 2 x Garlic Naan, 1 x Pappadam, 2 x Cans of Soft Drinks, 1 x Raita
ADD $66.00


Onion Bhaji Fritters of sliced onions in a spiced chickpea batter
ADD $6.90
Veg Samosa Delightful savory pastries filled with potato, peas and ground spices
ADD $6.90
Samosa Chat Samosa served with Channa , chutneys, sweet yoghurt.
ADD $7.90
Veg Manchurian (Dry) All veg like cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, potatoes, grated and coated with corn flour mix with seasoning salt & pepper and deep fried and tossed with soya & chili sauce
ADD $8.90
Panner Pakora Panner cubes coated with spices and dipped in chickpea batter and deep fried.
ADD $7.90
Dahi Bhalla (Curd Vadai) Lentil dumplings soaked in yoghurt garnished with the Chutneys.
ADD $8.90
Chicken 65 Chicken cubes marinating with spices and curry leaf and deep-fried.
ADD $12.50
Chicken Lolly Pop Chicken wings make like lollypop and marinated with the spices and deep fried.
ADD $8.90
Chicken Tikka Chicken Supreme marinated in Yoghurt, Ginger Garlic Paste Spices, and cooked in Tandoori Matka to reducing the Fat
ADD $9.50
Lamb Chops Marinated in Indian spices and Roasted in the tandoor Oven.
ADD $10.50
Curry Leaf Prawns Prawns marinated with flavored masalas and curry leaf and deep fried.
ADD $12.90
Roasted Duck Tender Duck Slightly cooked in the Indian Spices like ginger Garlic and Bay Leaves, Star Aniseed and served with Rice cubes
ADD $12.90
Veg Platter for 2 Onion Bhaji, Samosa, Pakoras.
ADD $14.90
Mixed Platter For 2 Onion Bhaji, Samosa, Chicken Tikka, Lamb Chops.
ADD $20.90

Mains - Non Vegetarian

Butter Chicken Marinated Boneless Chicken Slightly Roasted in tandoor Oven and Cooked in Rich Tomato Gravy finishing with Cardamom and kasthuri Methi Flavour
ADD $15.90
Mango Chicken Delicate combination of fresh coriander and Mango sauce, with a touch garlic.
ADD $15.90
Chicken Tikka Masala Chicked Tikka Sauted on a tawa with onion and tomato flavored with green chilly, Ginger and Garlic
ADD $15.90
Korma Chicken/ Lamb/ Beef Cooked in a creamy sauce flavored with ground cashew nuts sauce.
ADD $15.50
Vindaloo Chicken/ Lamb/ Beef The HOT STUFF, tender pieces cooked in a traditional hot Vindaloo sauce.
ADD $15.50
Saag Chicken/ Lamb/ Beef Cooked in a rich spinach gravy with a mixture of Indian spices.
ADD $15.50
Madras Chicken/ Lamb/ Beef Succulent pieces cooked with chef’s special Madras sauce and coconut milk.
ADD $15.50
Roganjosh Beef/Lamb A classic Kashmiri dish cooked with diced lamb/beef in a rich onion and tomato sauce.
ADD $15.50
Prawn Malabar Prawns cooked in south Indian style with coconut based gravy.
ADD $17.90
Prawn Sambal Prawns cooked in Malaysian style with coconut based gravy.
ADD $17.90
Chennai Fish Curry Seasonal fish cooked in traditional Chennai spices, enhanced with curry leaves.
ADD $17.90
Duck Curry Duck legs cooked in Indian Spices Ginger, Garlic, Bay Leaves, Star Aniseed.
ADD $22.90
Goat Curry Tender Goat with Bone cooked in Bouquet Garni of Bay Leaf, Mace, Cinnamon and Cardomom in Kadai Masala Gravy
ADD $17.90

Mains - Vegetarian

Paneer Butter Masala Cottage cheese & Green Peas cooked with a special butter gravy and garnished with methi leaves.
ADD $13.50
Saag Paneer Cubes of cottage cheese cooked withDelicious pureed spinach.
ADD $13.50
Bindhi Masala (Okra) Okra cooked with traditional spices and with onion tomato based masala.
ADD $14.50
Bagara Baigan Eggplant cooked with tamarind, onion and spices.
ADD $14.50
Channa Masala Chickpeas cooked in a masala of onions, tomatoes, and cumin seeds.
ADD $12.90
Daal A selection of lentils simmered on a slow fire.
ADD $10.90
Malai Kofta Potato and cottage cheese dumplings deep fried and cooked in mild gravy
ADD $13.90
Mixed Vegetable Korma Diced seasonal vegetables cooked in a rich spicy gravy.
ADD $13.50

South Indian Specials

Plain Dosa
ADD $8.90
Masala Dosa
ADD $10.90
Pizza Dosa
ADD $12.90
Chicken Dosa
ADD $13.90
Egg Dosa
ADD $10.90
Onion Utthappam
ADD $11.50
Idly (3 Pcs)
ADD $7.50
Veg Uttapam
ADD $12.90
Mysore Masala Dosa
ADD $12.90
Kal Dosa (2)
ADD $11.90
Egg Pepper Masala Dosa
ADD $13.90
Podi Dosa Egg Omelette
ADD $4.90


Steamed Rice
ADD $3.00
Coconut Rice
ADD $5.50
Pulav Rice
ADD $5.50
Chicken Biryani
ADD $14.50
Goat Biriyani
ADD $15.00
Vegetable Biryani
ADD $12.50
ADD $3.50
Mixed Pickles
ADD $2.00
Mango Chutney
ADD $2.50
Papadums (5 Pcs)
ADD $2.50


Butter Naan
ADD $3.00
Garlic Naan
ADD $3.50
Cheese Naan
ADD $4.00
Cheese and Garlic Naan
ADD $4.50
Chilli Cheese Naan
ADD $4.50
Chicken Cheese Naan
ADD $5.50
Honey Cheese Naan
ADD $4.45
Paneer Naan
ADD $5.00
Peshwari Naan
ADD $4.50
ADD $3.00
Chappathi (2)
ADD $4.50


Gulab Jammun
ADD $5.00
Carrot Halwa
ADD $5.00
ADD $5.00
ADD $5.00


Soft Drinks ( Large )
ADD $3.90
Large Mango Lassi
ADD $5.00
Sparkling Water
ADD $6.00
Mineral Water
ADD $3.00

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